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About Kool Rider

Our History...

Kool Rider

The Kool Rider is the greatest bicycle accessory ever invented! The concept of putting baseball cards and playing cards in your bicycle spokes has been around since the early 1930s. Fast forward to 2012 and you et two best friends, Howard and Troy, who have known each other since childhood. For the last three years, they have worked to invent, create, master, and patent the greatest bicycle accessory ever. Unlike the baseball card novelty of creating a motor-like sound with paper playing cards on the read of your bicycle, the Kool Rider, with the help of DuPont who created the High Performance Polymer, gives you an actual motorcycle-type sound that we have all aspired to achive, while place the Kool Rider on the front forks of your bicycle. In salute to all of us who have attempted to create a motor-like sound from our bicycle using such items as baseball cards, playing cards, balloons, plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, and popsicle sticks...

Kool Rider

Our Impact...

In addition to being the greatest bicycle accesory ever invented, Kool Rider is also committed to helping the community in many ways.

  • Kool Rider has joined the fight against childhood obesity. The Kool Rider gives kids a new, fun way to get outside and get moving again. It is time for this generation of youngsters to get back outside, and spend a little more time away from video games, computers, and television that are causing this generation of children to be more immobile and, in turn, gain weight and have more health problems.
  • Kool Rider is also committed to keeping jobs in the United States, which is why the Kool Rider is 100% made in the USA. Kool Rider is also committed to helping creat jobs for people with developmental disabilities by have all of the products packaged by adults facing such challenges.

Packaged and shipped by adults with developmental disabilities at Union Diversified Industries, Inc.
in Monroe, North Carolina.